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Rich Rewards Consulting has played a vital role in reengineering my practice. In one and one-half years, we have gone from a sluggish practice to one that focuses on excellent client service, annual fees and high net worth client marketing. RRC has basically rebuilt my practice to one of energy and excitement. I rely on Jill’s practice management expertise in everything I do. In fact, I consult with Jill first before I make any decisions. I highly recommend RRC if you want to achieve a higher level of success. It is well worth the investment!!



All of us as financial advisors have had to set up systems and develop many of our own processes to ensure that phone calls, applications, money moment, compliance, data gathering issues, planning issues and countless other details are not overlooked in the day-to-day business operations. We want to provide our clients with excellent service that we can be proud of and that will make us referable. As my business really began to grow, I found that our old systems were breaking down under the load of new activity and ongoing client service. I had developed a great team, but we were still struggling. I heard about Jill Dawson, about Rich Rewards Consulting’s services for financial advisors and that she had solid experience with advisors who have been successful.

I called her up, and after hearing what she had to say, I hired her. It was a significant investment for my practice at the time, but I really needed the help. I was totally convinced after talking with Jill, that hiring her would end up paying for itself over and over in efficiencies that she would help us create in our systems and processes. She came to our office, interviewed each member of our team, and we actively worked together to develop powerful and new enhancements for our systems and tracking processes. She helped us transition from where we were to where we needed to be in a very orderly way. Today, we still retain her to help keep us on track through accountability and to contribute her expertise as our practice continues to grow.

Last year, we completed 130 plans and took on 72 new clients. In 2008, we expect to acquire more than 100 new clients. Last year, our GDC increased more than 35% over the previous year. If you are growing or want to grow your business, do yourself a favor and hire a coach like Jill. You will be very glad that you did. I cannot give Jill all the credit for our growth, but I know she added significantly to our ability to achieve it.


Relax, your own success story is just a phone call away.

Jill and I have worked together for a number of years. Unlike those working to grow their practices, I presented Jill with a complex problem to solve - How do I reduce the size of my practice, find a balance between work and family and not experience a reduction in income? I wanted all this even though I work in a rural area with an assistant who is only available part-time. Well, Jill helped me to solve this dilemma quite successfully. We have a bit more work to do, but I don't doubt we will get there. Thanks Jill!!!



We would like to comment on how Rich Rewards Consulting has helped our practice over the last three years. We hired Jill initially for phone consulting and then to do on-site consulting as I brought Associate Financial Advisors into the practice. Jill helped us integrate the new people, establish roles, define responsibilities and set up systems. Due to circumstances beyond my and Jill’s control, I had one of my worst years ever in 2005. However, Jill spent the extra time to help us work through the issues we had due to a lost long-term employee. In 2006, with Jill’s help, we got things back on track and doubled our GDC. In 2007, we increased our GDC another 66%. The systems we have set up allow us to be efficient, compliant and to run a productive office. During our monthly calls, Jill helps keep us on track and focused. Jill has been a great resource for anything that has to do with our practice and is always available to help when we need her for something unexpected. Above all, we value her help and opinion on any matter that has to do with the practice.



For the past 4+ years, I've enjoyed working with Jill Dawson. She helps me think about and run my practice in a more efficient, focused and strategic manner.

Jill's in-depth initial review of our practice formed the basis for her regular, structured follow-ups with me. 

I like Jill's pleasant approach and the fact that her experience with many different financial planning practices gives her a helpful perspective on issues I face today. 

No one else helps me think through the strategic decisions I am facing in my practice like Jill Dawson - she's great! 



I have been working with Rich Rewards Consulting for nearly 5 years. Previously, my practice was quite disorganized. I had staffing issues and high turnover. Jill created and helped implement formalized job descriptions as well as new policies and procedures that have greatly improved our efficiency. My staff and I now hold weekly staff meetings. Office communication and our “team spirit” have improved tremendously.

Jill helped me interview new staff candidates. The hiring decisions I have made with the guidance of RRC have worked perfectly. I have had no turnover (versus the previously necessary annual staff replacements)!

I am currently negotiating a practice acquisition that will double the size of my current practice. Jill has kept me focused on the big picture versus being bogged down with minor details. With the ongoing help of RRC, I am confident that my practice will continue to thrive.



Rich Rewards Consulting has made an impact on our practice in several ways but particularly in the area of human resource management. As the practice has evolved, Jill has been there with great perspective asking the right questions and recommending what I needed to do to make the right assessments and decisions. More specifically, she has the ability to assess the capabilities of each of our team members – both advisors and staff. This has helped in putting together role determination and job descriptions for all of our members.

Jill has further been an accountability partner to help me move forward with the implementation I need to move forward on that could, without her help, get delayed or dropped.



When I hired Jill and Rich Rewards Consulting, my practice and the team that supported me were lacking the cohesiveness necessary to be truly successful. The on-site review of my practice that Jill conducted with me and my staff identified the core roles and responsibilities that each team member needed to be executing on. The overarching goal was improving communication and accountability for our core roles. The best thing that came out of my working with Rich Rewards Consulting was an improvement in these critical areas. Jill's input and follow-up helped me determine that change needed to occur. The outcome was a necessary change in my staff members along with changes in how I communicate with my new team members. Since then, my practice and its future trajectory are on a much better path. Thanks Jill.



Rich Rewards Consulting has been working with our team for over a year. Jill’s wealth of information about our firm, knowledge of practice management and her contacts have saved us substantial time and effort and have helped us work more productively as a team. She was instrumental in helping us clarify the needs of the practice, identify job descriptions and hire a new staff person. Her role in the hiring process kept us focused on our needs and helped us identify the correct person. This has continued as we train the new staff person and continue to adjust individual roles.

Her availability to field questions from me and my team is invaluable. My team finds her very approachable. This has provided a resource for solving issues before they become problems! As a sole practitioner, I have found it invaluable to have someone to “talk things through.”

She helps us set appropriate goals…and holds us accountable.



I don’t believe I would still be in the financial services business if I hadn’t been working with Rich Rewards Consulting. RRC echoed a very strong message of Doug Lennick’s about marketing that: You (second person singular) Must (you don’t have a choice) Do (active verb present tense). I used to always laugh when Doug would go into this because we all try to find an easier, softer way. Jill has helped our practice keep battling (against my will) to hold seminars, client appreciation events, board of directors meetings, as well as fishbowls and FEPS. Thank you for this!

We also conducted systems analysis and integration. We established what jobs/tasks staff members handle. We developed job descriptions for everyone and have begun to implement a procedures and policy manual. This dovetails well with the menu of advice services and investment policy statement we created. I had none of this on January 1, 2001 when I went back into practice.

The on-site with our team helped hold people accountable to the business plan and helped me reinforce that staff owns all of their tasks.



I have been working with Rich Rewards Consulting since 2001. At the time, I had an existing full-time assistant and had recently hired an Associate Financial Advisor. Jill was instrumental in helping me coordinate all our key tasks in order to maximize efficiency. After implementing some of her suggestions, my productivity increased 25% over the prior year. I continue to consult with her and have seen consistent annual increases in productivity as a result.



Since I began working with Rich Rewards Consulting, 12 plus years ago and counting, I have seen marked improvement in the efficiency of my practice's workflow from the addition of systems for handling everything! From having worked with others in resolving practice roadblocks, Jill brings insightful input. Her guidance and coaching for goal setting and practice expansion (including new hires) is outstanding! Most of all, Jill keeps my practice focused, focused, focused!



Rich Rewards Consulting’s assistance has been indispensable. Jill’s commitment to organized effectiveness has helped my business revenue grow by 29% averaged annually over the last 5 years. Her ability to analyze staff has led to streamlined processes.

This has allowed me the time I always wanted, but never had, to commit to my family. She’s a must have for anyone looking to get to a higher level of career satisfaction no matter how you define it. After 14 years in the business, she now keeps me and my team focused on the important issues at hand.



I have been a client of Rich Rewards Consulting for 13-14 years, and during this time, Jill helped my practice double in size (through a practice acquisition), shed non-profitable relationships and increased my productivity all while maintaining the same level of staff.

The systems we have put in place have enabled me to start looking ahead with a comprehensive marketing plan to attract new clients (a task I have been afraid of up until now as I didn’t think I could handle new clients).

My goals are aggressive and with RRC’s help, I am confident Jill will hold me to task and help me get there!



We have worked with Rich Rewards Consulting over the last 16 years. In that time, Jill has identified weaknesses and then held us accountable to the changes “we want to make.” Jill has helped us increase our implementation (of practice changes) significantly. Meeting quarterly worked so well that I requested we increase the frequency of contact to monthly starting in January 2004. This has allowed us to tighten the timeframe that it takes from learning new ideas to implementing them in our practice.

At a meeting with Tom Endersbe, I listened to how he used RRC in his practice. I realized that although RRC has been very effective in our practice, I had been underutilizing Jill’s skills. I now have Jill work with staff on specific processes rather than getting bogged down with them myself.



I highly recommend working with Jill as a Coach. She has helped me exceed my goals and expectations consistently by helping me get outside my comfort zone and move toward my true potential both personally and professionally. Her honesty, integrity and energy are key attributes that allow her to challenge and coach me and my team on an ongoing basis. I consider Jill a friend and a key part of our team. If you are willing to do the work and make the commitment to change and continual improvement, I don’t think you can find a better coach than Jill.



I have known and worked with Jill professionally for 15 years. Her background in the financial services arena, along with her extensive training skills, have provided significant benefits to my financial planning practice. Her ability to develop customized systems, role definitions and detailed training for us has enabled us to maintain our 25%+ annual growth rate. I highly recommend other Financial Advisors leverage outside consultants, such as Rich Rewards Consulting, to provide their practices with greater growth opportunities than what they have been experiencing.



We get bombarded every day with “best practices” from all sorts of sources (e.g., trade journals, peers, company leaders and even our own heads coming up with new ideas). Jill’s help in “herding the cats” and distilling what needs to be done NOW is priceless.


ResourceFULL coaching for busy professionals